Official points of sale

A handy map of our stores to find the one closest to you

GRAAD (Grade Authority and Authentication Division) is the certifying body which, through an innovative mathematical method and a team of experts in the sector, authenticates and rigorously evaluates the quality of all types of collectible cards, in all languages!

GRAAD offers certification services aimed at professional collectors and TCG enthusiasts who want to authenticate, evaluate and certify their cards.

GRAAD actively collaborates with the different stores that make up our official sales network. If you want advice on the best cards in your collection, or you want to place an order in person, look for the official GRAAD associate closer to where you live and contact them by calling, writing, or by going directly to the store with your cards.


Our associates will help you

  • select the best cards of a collection
  • understand which cards are valuable and how much they're worth
  • choose for which cards to proceed with a certification
  • understand the difference with authenticity certificates, standard and digital
  • place the order by delivering the cards in person
  • pick up the cards once your order has been completed

Furthermore, turning to an official sales point you can save on shipping and package insurance because you can carry out delivery and pickup in person.

Sales points map in Italy and Europe

Would you like to become an official sales point?

If you have a store that deals with trading card games (TCG) and you'd like to become our official sales point in a province that is not yet on the map, contact us.

We will be pleased to show you our collaboration plan and discuss the ways to become one of our official sales point.

Milan and its province: Pianeta Hobby

Phone: 02 87 393 016


milano punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Planeta Hobby is the collector's haven. We have always been great enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the most disparate collectibles. Starting with the TCG collectible cards of Magic, YuGiOh and Pokemon to then go to action figures, Lego, Smurfs, the famous Kinder egg surprises, telephone cards and coins and much more... Our catalog today boasts so many articles that sometimes even we don't remember them all!

Turin and its province: Oxum

Phone: +39 342 921 39 40


torino punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Business managed by Damiano, great enthusiast of the world of TCG and video games. More than 10 year experience in the sector thanks to the presence at fairs in the whole province and beyond. Our activity focuses exclusively on collecting, rarity, particularity and sought after products are the heart of our company. Our goal is to always offer excellent service and propose articles that can meet the needs of all collectors in the sector. A real point of reference in the panorama of TCG collectibles and videogames.

Genoa and its province: La Fortezza dell'otaku

Phone: +39 366 595 72 23


genova punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Good day! Our store deals with any kind of hobby from manga up to American and Italian comics, we have a wide selection of table games and for the most enthusiastic ones many RPG manuals up to Funko pop action figures. But our par excellence hobby is collectible cards. We deal with any type of playing cards: Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh!, Magic, Vanguard. We have a 75 sqm room ready to host tournaments of all kinds and one more plan for larger tournaments... we are waiting for you.

Cassano Magnago and province of Varese: Otaku Hero Fumetteria

Phone: +39 033 128 23 71


varese punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Otaku Hero is a historic business very present in the area, by us you can find any collectible item: Comics, Action Figures, Collectible Playing Cards, Table Games, Cosplay Gadgets and much more. A little haven for every type of enthusiast, inside our games room we carry out tournaments, meetings with designers and voice actors, we are committed to making every visit unique in its kind.

Sulmona and province of L'Aquila: Movie Mania Nerd Store

Phone: +39 351 908 81 85


varese punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Movie Mania Nerd Store was born in the freezing land of the Peligna Valley in Abruzzo, to create a thriving Nerd community even in this isolated land in the mountains. Born back in 2003, it is by now an affirmed reality dealing with video games up to board games, from collectible card games up to tournaments, without forgetting the most enjoyable side of being nerd, COLLECTING gadgets, figures, statues & Co.

Sanremo and province of Imperia: ItaJ Collection

Phone: +39 334 287 71 86


varese punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Store specialized in the sale of collectible card games. Inside our store you will find everything you need for major card games such as accessories, single cards, sealed material and GRAAD graded cards. We are also active with official tournaments of multiple games including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic and Pokemon and much more.

Viareggio and province of Lucca: La Contea

Phone: 0584 331533


viareggio punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Store specialized in the sale of board games, collectible card games, collectibles and wargames. La Contea is designed as a meeting point to spend some good time together playing, having a good number of seats, rather than a store in itself. We like to consider us a family, but this does not mean that you can't find almost any kind of nerd game or article. We are very active especially in the panorama of "Magic the Gathering", tournament and weekly event organizers, but also of Pokemon, Dragon Ball and so on and so forth. We are waiting for you!

Viterbo and its province: Dracarys

Phone: +39 334 723 6661


viterbo punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Il Dracarys was born in 2019 with the aim of creating a meeting point for young and old collectible card games and board games enthusiasts, then expanding its target to Lego and gadget enthusiasts. The store has two rooms, one for exhibitions and one dedicated totally to games, with a gaming area for tournaments and free play. Furthermore the store provides thousands of single cards for sale of various games (Pokemon, YuGiOh! and Magic the Gathering)

Adria and province of Rovigo: Essemme Multimedia

Phone: 04 26 90 1719


adria rovigo punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Essemme Multimedia was founded in 2004 by the passion for technology, thanks to the partnership with the well-known brand "ASUS", since the beginning Essemme Multimedia took an important market share throughout the province of Rovigo, expanding over the years the exhibition surface from 40 sqm of the first store to the current one of over 300sqm. Offering technologically advanced products and services at competitive prices has always been the philosophy of Essemme Multimedia. Last year we added to the video game department the various TCGs trying to bring this beautiful world into an area with much potential that is Adria. Come visit us!

Empoli: GG-GoodGame

Phone: 0571 534822


empoli punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Reference point for all collectible card game enthusiasts, board games and wargame! Inside you will find everything you need to get to know and expand your favorite games. From Magic to Yu-Gi-Oh!, from Pokemon to Warhammer, from sealed products to single cards, but above all a wide and equipped space to meet together with friends and get to know other players!

Cagliari and its province: Altrove Shop

Phone: 347 7189752


cagliari punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

We are the first store in Sardinia that focused on the sale of single cards since 2000. Specialized in rarities of the main card games and in any sealed product. Historic comic book store for 20 years we also deal with complete and vintage series, not just current ones. In 2020 we opened the corner for retrogames, we are waiting for you to get your GEMS graded :)

Udine and its province: The King of Games

Phone: 0432 1447290


udine punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

The King of Games is a new game store that inherits the historic location in Udine of La Casa del Bimbo (former Opengames), in Via Aquileia 15/A. By us you will find card games, table games, video games, gadgets, collectibles... and much more! We also carry out electronic repairs (PCs, mobile phones, consoles...) and organize the official tournaments of card games, with experienced staff that will follow you step-by-step and introduce you for free to these worlds that allowed us to follow this great dream. We also work with companies in the Halifax sector (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Konami Europe (Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG) and Oriental Wave (Cardfight!! Vanguard), thus ensuring maximum reliability and professionalism.

Antwerp, Belgium: PAXX LTD

(Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France)

Phone: +32 488 17 88 10


belgio europa punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Engaged in the field of American and Japanese pop-cultures, PAXX LTD is one of the landmarks in the Central/Northern European market since 2012. A quadrilingual team (IT/EN/FR/NL) with over 20 years of experience in the field of import/export and in the sales and logistics sectors, is always available to assist even the most demanding customers.

Prato and its province: Magic Maze

Phone: 0574 182 09 17


prato punto vendita graad gradazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Large open space place of 200sqm dedicated to games including card games, war games, role-playing games and tournaments. Retail of game items, gadgets and accessories, board games, painting courses and interactive demonstrations. Inside there's also a Bar area where you can find sandwiches, first courses, drinks, beers, snacks and more. Reliability, cordiality and professionalism are our strength.

Rome: Magia, Sogni e Fantasia

Phone: 06 8923633


roma punto vendita graad gradazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Magia, Sogni e Fantasia is a store in Rome with a great passion for the Harry Potter saga, but that also welcomes, with enthusiasm, others like that of GamesWorkShop or card enthusiasts, Pokemon, Magic, etc., etc. Here you can find a good assortment of gifts of sagas, of WarHammer or card accessories. We pre-grade, buy and sell cards. We have second hand miniatures, books or games; you can find books and DVDs.

Brescia and its province: Hunter Games

Phone: 351 613 10 04


brescia punto vendita graad autenticazione carte collezionabili TCG

Come and discover our world! We are a reality born from a great passion and the constant will to discover new things. Our goal is to continue to have exclusive articles: action figures, comics, clothing, accessories, gadgets, board games. You will find cards of all kinds (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Dragonball, Pokemon...) We value and withdraw batches of used cards. Our tournament room is ready to welcome you and offer you the possibility of spending beautiful moments immersed in your passions!

Savona and its province: Mr.Magic

Phone: 345 235 10 99


savona punto vendita graad gradazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Mr. Magic is the store specialized exclusively in Magic the Gathering, collectible card games and accessories present in Savona since 2013. If you live in the area or if you come on a seaside vacation, a visit is a must: with a warehouse of over one million single cards of Magic you will find everything you've always desired. Pioneer, Modern, Commander and Pauper are our forte formats. Experience, advice, sale, exchange, a wide, safe and comfortable environment to play, and above all a lot of passion and professionalism.

Bergamo and its province: Cards Realm

Phone: 339 69 95 955


bergamo punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts Cards Realm awaits you with open arms; ready to satisfy all your needs in the field of TCGs at 360 degrees! By us you will find experienced staff in all card games that we deal with (MtG, YGO, FoW, Pokèmon, etc.) Ready to answer your questions, as well as a large tournament room always set up to carry out tournaments and friendly meetings. You will also be able to find single cards of all TCGs and in case you want to convert your collection we are available to evaluate and withdraw it!

Casal di Principe: Graded Store

Phone: 081 8164336


caserta casal di principe punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Hello, I'm Costantino and I'm waiting for you in my store where I sell graded Cards and many other sealed products of Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Digimon TCGs. Don't expect a latest fashion store, but don't worry, I compensate with competence and kindness!

Bologna and its province: Games Accademy

Phone: 051 281 9702


bologna punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Store specialized in selling Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, YuGiOh!, Digimon cards and many other games, gadgets, Funko Pop, mangas and comics. We are available to teach you how to play and show you demos of any game!

Merate e provincia di Lecco: Playtime

Telephone: 0395 969051‬


merate punto vendita graad valutazione carte collezionabili TCG

Playtime Merate was born from the experience and passion for the world of collecting and organized play. The owners wanted to create a space that best reconciled professionalism, familiarity; and that it was a point of reference for players and collectors of every need. From great availability; of historical single cards to the latest products, Playtime makes its TCG consultancy the pivotal point of its business. Magic: The Gathering, Pok & eacute; mon, various TCGs, Comics (Manga and Comics), Board Games, Brain Teasers and much more!

Certaldo: Decimo Pianeta

Telephone: 0571 665870


certaldo firenze punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

The Decimo Pianeta comic shop deals with comics and games with online and in-store sales. Our attention to new artists and new trends in the sector places us as a meeting place and exchange between enthusiasts. We organize TCG tournaments and events with authors and experts. We are present at the main local market exhibitions and all national promotional initiatives.

Lanciano (Chieti): King Toy

Telephone: 087244088


lanciano chieti punto vendita graad valutazione carte collezionabili TCG

King Toy is a new reality that faces the fantastic world of collecting. We deal with collectible cards, action figures, funko pops and accessories, our intent is; to bring so many novelties; and rarity; inherent to collecting and the world of TGC. We will also try to satisfy your every request and we will be happy to share our passion with you.

Castellamare di Stabia: L'Edicola

Telephone: 081 8719898.


castellammare di stabia napoli punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Hi, my name is Santolo and I am the owner of L'Edicola. The Newsstand was born as such in 1996, then I became passionate about card games, initially with Pokemon then with all the others until today. In our shop you will find sealed products of the latest expansions of the various tcg, single cards and accessories. Since 2010 we have started playing organized games and in the meantime the passion for collecting has taken over. Finally today with Graad we have the opportunity to offer our customers the most effective way to preserve our favorite papers over time.

Aprilia (Latina): Swamp Store

Telephone: 0689017536 (whatsapp attivo)


aprilia punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Hello, we are the Swamp Store and since 2013 we are a shop active on collectible card games, board games and many gadgets. Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Super Card Game are the card games we are most passionate players and collectors of. You will also find Funko PoP, Action Figures and much more to satisfy your desire for collection!

Pesaro: VideoJays

Telephone: 328 2217697


pesaro punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Videojays is a new reality that deals with collectible cards such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh !, Force of Will and Digimon, new and used video games, retrogames, gadgets, collectibles and much more. You can test the video games in our cabinets available or participate in the various collectible card tournaments that are periodically organized. An excellent meeting point for both the nostalgic and the new ones who approach, Jason is available to create your deck and for any useful advice!

Pesaro: Dungeon

Telephone: 339 7055561 - 333 7342831


pesaro punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Welcome to Dungeon Pesaro where its owner Simon, for over 10 years, has been taking care of introducing new players (or old fans) to the world of collectible cards !! In the shop we find many card games (Yu-gi-oh, Magic, Digimon, Pokémon, Dragonball, Vanguard, Force Of Will), but also many role-playing game manuals, manga, comics and board games !! In the shop we also have a large room reserved for players for tournaments, friendly matches or to learn how to play both collectible cards and many table games !! We are waiting for you in the shop with a lot of sympathy and professionalism.

Pescara: Phyrexian Plaguelord

Telephone: 320 820 5993


pescara punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

Phyrexian Plaguelord is a shop dedicated to the world of collectible card games, board games, collectibles and in general everything related to intelligent entertainment. Here you can find Wizards of the Coast products, Konami, Funko Pop, accessories, a large and welcoming room where we organize tournaments and much more. And if you are looking for the right cards to complete your deck, come and visit us! You'll find an experienced staff, the latest news, and over two million single cards to choose from!

Piacenza e provincia: Magic Planet

Telephone: 320 8599945


piacenza punto vendita graad certificazioni carte collezionabili TCG

27 years of pure passion for collectible card games. Availability, reliability is the motto that has led Magicplanet to be a reference point for fans of Magic the gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and many other famous games. A large location equipped with all the services where you can meet new players and a shop with over a million singles to complete decks and collections. Whether you are a player or a collector, Michele's experience (aka Zazza) will help you to fulfill your wishes by making them a reality on paper;).

Forlì e provincia: Magic Store

Telephone: 0543 400207


forlì punto vendita graad valutazione e certificazione carte collezionabili TCG

Magic Store was born in 1999 as a shop specialized in Hobby Game. The business developed in 2001 with the opening of the online store and the start of the distribution business. Today Magic Store distributes all the main trading card games and related accessories, miniatures, board games, toys and collectibles in general. Assortment, service, customer care and support for Organized Play activities are our mission. Test us.

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