Official points of sale

   Milano: Pianeta Hobby

via ruggero leoncavallo 15
20131 - Milano (Milano), Italia

Phone: 0228040306


Planeta Hobby is the collector's haven. We have always been great enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the most disparate collectibles. Starting with the TCG collectible cards of Magic, YuGiOh and Pokemon to then go to action figures, Lego, Smurfs, the famous Kinder egg surprises, telephone cards and coins and much more... Our catalog today boasts so many articles that sometimes even we don't remember them all!

   Cesena: Kazuma Cesena

Viale Gaspare Finali, 52
47521 - Cesena (Forlì Cesena), Italia

Phone: 3457229015


Kazuma is the new point of reference for lovers of comics, manga, trading card games, action figures, model kits, board games and snacks & drinks. With over 200 square meters of exhibition space and a large area dedicated to tournaments, we are the ideal meeting place for all lovers of the tcg world in the Cesena area and surroundings

   Adria: Essemme Multimedia

via Leonardo da Vinci 11
45011 - Adria (Rovigo), Italia

Phone: 0426901719


Essemme Multimedia was founded in 2004 by the passion for technology, thanks to the partnership with the well-known brand "ASUS", since the beginning Essemme Multimedia took an important market share throughout the province of Rovigo, expanding over the years the exhibition surface from 40 sqm of the first store to the current one of over 300sqm. Offering technologically advanced products and services at competitive prices has always been the philosophy of Essemme Multimedia. Last year we added to the video game department the various TCGs trying to bring this beautiful world into an area with much potential that is Adria. Come visit us!

   Genova: La fortezza di Otaku

Corso sardegna 192R
16142 - Genova (Genova), Italia

Phone: 3665957223


Good day! Our store deals with any kind of hobby from manga up to American and Italian comics, we have a wide selection of table games and for the most enthusiastic ones many RPG manuals up to Funko pop action figures. But our par excellence hobby is collectible cards. We deal with any type of playing cards: Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh!, Magic, Vanguard. We have a 75 sqm room ready to host tournaments of all kinds and one more plan for larger tournaments... we are waiting for you.

   Velletri: Gamestime Velletri

Corso Della Repubblica 450
00049 - Velletri (Roma), Italia

Phone: 3716216320


Here at Gamestime Velletri you can find: Video games, consoles, manga, comics, action figures, funko pop, merchandising, trading cards. We have an entertainment area where we organize card tournaments and also birthdays, gaming stations with consoles.

   Cassano Magnago: Otaku Hero

Via san Francesco, 1
21012 - Cassano Magnago (Varese), Italia

Phone: 0331282371


Otaku Hero is a historic business very present in the area, by us you can find any collectible item: Comics, Action Figures, Collectible Playing Cards, Table Games, Cosplay Gadgets and much more. A little haven for every type of enthusiast, inside our games room we carry out tournaments, meetings with designers and voice actors, we are committed to making every visit unique in its kind.

   SULMONA: Movie Mania Nerd Store

67039 - SULMONA (L'Aquila), Italia

Phone: 3519088185


Movie Mania Nerd Store was born in the freezing land of the Peligna Valley in Abruzzo, to create a thriving Nerd community even in this isolated land in the mountains. Born back in 2003, it is by now an affirmed reality dealing with video games up to board games, from collectible card games up to tournaments, without forgetting the most enjoyable side of being nerd, COLLECTING gadgets, figures, statues & Co.

   L'Aquila: LoopGames

Via Giosu Carducci 32 (presso Rotilio center galleria commerciale)
67100 - L'Aquila (L'Aquila), Italia

Phone: 3475263423


The La locanda del puledro impennato (rearing foal inn) in its playful version "L2P games" is a meeting point for TCG enthusiasts and collectors. Quality has always been our prerogative in everything, from food to games, we are at your service to secure your collection and give it elegance and unmissable value! Come and visit us or call for info! See you soon Mellon (friends in elven)

   Viareggio: La Contea

Via Marco Polo 135/c
55049 - Viareggio (Lucca), Italia

Phone: 0584331533


Store specialized in the sale of board games, collectible card games, collectibles and wargames. La Contea is designed as a meeting point to spend some good time together playing, having a good number of seats, rather than a store in itself. We like to consider us a family, but this does not mean that you can't find almost any kind of nerd game or article. We are very active especially in the panorama of "Magic the Gathering", tournament and weekly event organizers, but also of Pokemon, Dragon Ball and so on and so forth. We are waiting for you!

   Vecchiazzano: OPSS MARKET

Via del Cavone 5/a
47121 - Vecchiazzano (Forlì), Italia

Phone: 3939880000


OPSS MARKET Born from the passion for trading card games in particular for Pokemon cards, specializing in the trade of graded and collectible cards, we also approached other TCGs, managing to establish ourselves on the market in a short time. Here you will find Card Games, Funko, Tournaments of all kinds but above all Professionalism and Experience.

   Viterbo: Dracarys Viterbo

Via Galvani 38/c
1100 - Viterbo (Viterbo), Italia

Phone: 3276896417


Dracarys was born in 2019 with the aim of creating a meeting point for young and old collectible card games and board games enthusiasts, then expanding its target to Lego and gadget enthusiasts. The store has two rooms, one for exhibitions and one dedicated totally to games, with a gaming area for tournaments and free play. Furthermore the store provides thousands of single cards for sale of various games (Pokemon, YuGiOh! and Magic the Gathering)

   Genova: Pokebooks

Via XX Settembre, 272 A (chiosco angolo via Boccardo)
16128 - Genova (Genova), Italia

Phone: 348 47 69 137


Pokébooks has become the reference point in Genoa for books that are out of print and cannot be found, and for collecting Pokemon cards, both for sale and as a form of investment. We also have other brands, comics and manga available. We organize courses for children who want to learn the Pokémon card game with expert trainers!

   Empoli: GG-GoodGame

Via Masini 10
50053 - Empoli (Firenze), Italia

Phone: 0571534822


Reference point for all collectible card game enthusiasts, board games and wargame! Inside you will find everything you need to get to know and expand your favorite games. From Magic to Yu-Gi-Oh!, from Pokemon to Warhammer, from sealed products to single cards, but above all a wide and equipped space to meet together with friends and get to know other players!

   Cagliari: Altrove

Via Einaudi, 42
9127 - Cagliari (Cagliari), Italia

Phone: 3477189752


We are the first store in Sardinia that focused on the sale of single cards since 2000. Specialized in rarities of the main card games and in any sealed product. Historic comic book store for 20 years we also deal with complete and vintage series, not just current ones. In 2020 we opened the corner for retrogames, we are waiting for you to get your GEMS graded :)

   Pontedera: Ongame Pontedera

Via Domenico Guerrazzi, 14
56025 - Pontedera (Pisa), Italia

Phone: 0587720527


Ongame is an Italian brand, leader in the field of game and no game based in Veneto. I have always been a fan of video games and collecting, so the decision to open a shop dedicated to this world in Pontedera was the natural consequence. In addition to video games, the shop offers a remarkable assortment of Pokémon single cards and boxes, gadgets, merchandising, action figures, themed clothing and sought-after items related to the world of games and pop culture.

   Udine: The King of Games

Via Aquileia, 15/a - 33100
33100 - Udine (Udine), Italia

Phone: 04321447290


The King of Games is a new game store that inherits the historic location in Udine of La Casa del Bimbo (former Opengames), in Via Aquileia 15/A. By us you will find card games, table games, video games, gadgets, collectibles... and much more! We also carry out electronic repairs (PCs, mobile phones, consoles...) and organize the official tournaments of card games, with experienced staff that will follow you step-by-step and introduce you for free to these worlds that allowed us to follow this great dream. We also work with companies in the Halifax sector (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Konami Europe (Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG) and Oriental Wave (Cardfight!! Vanguard), thus ensuring maximum reliability and professionalism.

   Pavullo nel Frignano: Fumetteria L'Oracolo

Via G. Minelli 1
41026 - Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena), Italia

Phone: 3338729688


Fumetteria L'Oracolo is a new reality for local collectors, a place where collectors lovers and players of various Tcg and board games can meet to spend wonderful days in company. Here you can find many collectibles starting from Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh, Flesh and blood cards but also Funko pop, comics, board games and much more ... We organize official and unofficial tournaments of different TCGs, demonstration days of board games and game and role-playing evenings ... WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!


2000 - ANTWERP (ANTWERP), Belgium

Phone: +32488178810


Engaged in the field of American and Japanese pop-cultures, PAXX LTD is one of the landmarks in the Central/Northern European market since 2012. A quadrilingual team (IT/EN/FR/NL) with over 20 years of experience in the field of import/export and in the sales and logistics sectors, is always available to assist even the most demanding customers.

   PRATO: Magic Maze

59100 - PRATO (Prato), Italia

Phone: 3483439511


Large open space place of 200sqm dedicated to games including card games, war games, role-playing games and tournaments. Retail of game items, gadgets and accessories, board games, painting courses and interactive demonstrations. Inside there's also a Bar area where you can find sandwiches, first courses, drinks, beers, snacks and more. Reliability, cordiality and professionalism are our strength.

   Rimini: Orion

Via Flaminia Conca 51
47923 - Rimini (Rimini), Italia

Phone: 0541393122


Since 1994 we have been a point of reference for all fans of card games, board games, comics and gadgets. We organize events of the main card games every week, Yu-gi-oh!, Magic, Pokemon, One Piece. We have a huge collection of single cards, here you can find all the cards you are looking for to complete your collections and decks.

   Roma: Il mercato del fumetto

Viale caduti per la resistenza mercato di Spinaceto Box 19
128 - Roma (Roma), Italia

Phone: 3518413263


Comics shop equipped with manga and action figures, we also deal with TCG material such as Pokémon and more! We will become part of the Graad family for the grading of the cards. Please do not hesitate to contact me! We also do comics courses and Japanese courses with mother tongue teachers! Because we are true fans! Come and visit us.

   Villa Raspa: Tolarian Academy

Via Bari n 30
65010 - Villa Raspa (Pescara), Italia

Phone: 351 707 5860


Tolarian Academy was born from the idea of recreating a shop where every player can be at home. Specializing in trading card games such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh and always up to date with all the latest TGC news. In our store you will also find many accessories for your favorite game, Funko Pop!, Figures, Gadgets and much more. The shop also offers the possibility for everyone to be able to play freely and to participate in the many organized tournaments!

   Monterotondo: Fumetto & Company

via Silvio Pellico 13/A
15 - Monterotondo (Monterotondo), Italia

Phone: +390690085351


   Pescara: Hunter of Games

Via Nicola Fabrizi 17
65122 - Pescara (Pescara), Italia

Phone: 3278171952


HUNTER OF GAMES was created with the intention of giving collectors and non-collectors a point of reference in the world of card games (Magic, YuGiOh and Pokemon), comics, manga, action figures and gadgets. Our catalog boasts limited edition items and is constantly updated. Also you can order themed Mysteries like Marvel, Dc and Funko!

   MONTICHIARI: Hunter Games

25018 - MONTICHIARI (Brescia), Italia

Phone: 3516131004


Come and discover our world! We are a reality born from a great passion and the constant will to discover new things. Our goal is to continue to have exclusive articles: action figures, comics, clothing, accessories, gadgets, board games. You will find cards of all kinds (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Dragonball, Pokemon...) We value and withdraw batches of used cards. Our tournament room is ready to welcome you and offer you the possibility of spending beautiful moments immersed in your passions!

   Ronchi dei Legionari: Magician's Circle

Via Alessandro Manzoni 8
34077 - Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), Italia

Phone: 3714966699


We are a company born in 2021 with twenty years of experience in trading card games. We cover Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Battle Spirits Saga, Metazoo and more. Among our products we also have the latest manga and comics from publishers such as Star Comics, Panini, J-Pop. We have Funko Pop and accessories for various games with the possibility of customization (Playmat). We are also official resellers of Asmodee and Cranio for what concerns board games. For info and clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or Whatsapp.

   Savona: Mr. Magic

Via Untoria 54 rosso
17100 - Savona (Savona), Italia

Phone: 3490674635


Mr. Magic is the store specialized exclusively in Magic the Gathering, collectible card games and accessories present in Savona since 2013. If you live in the area or if you come on a seaside vacation, a visit is a must: with a warehouse of over one million single cards of Magic you will find everything you've always desired. Pioneer, Modern, Commander and Pauper are our forte formats. Experience, advice, sale, exchange, a wide, safe and comfortable environment to play, and above all a lot of passion and professionalism.

   Aversa: Games Time Aversa

via Michelangelo n 45
81031 - Aversa (Caserta), Italia

Phone: 08119348398


A shop that mainly deals with Comics and manga, but we have a huge assortment of funko pops, action figures, Funko Pops, video games and everything related to the fantasy world. We deal with single cards also graded from Pokemon, yu-gi-oh and magic the gathering. We are a point of reference for many enthusiasts with excellent reviews. We have a space available to play, and we organize weekly Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic tournaments. We are also waiting for you in the shop to participate in our many activities that we do!

   Bergamo: Cards Realm

Via Italia 46
24011 - Bergamo (Bergamo), Italia

Phone: 3396995955


Founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts Cards Realm awaits you with open arms; ready to satisfy all your needs in the field of TCGs at 360 degrees! By us you will find experienced staff in all card games that we deal with (MtG, YGO, FoW, Pokèmon, etc.) Ready to answer your questions, as well as a large tournament room always set up to carry out tournaments and friendly meetings. You will also be able to find single cards of all TCGs and in case you want to convert your collection we are available to evaluate and withdraw it!

   Paderno Dugnano: Secret Base

Via Roma 62/c
20037 - Paderno Dugnano (Milano), Italia

Phone: 02 58127993


Shop specializing in Collectible Cards, Model Making, 3D Wargame, Board Games, Action Figures, Gadgets and a selection of Food from all over the world! We are Italian Distributors of the Vampire Trading Card Game: The Eternal Struggle. In business since 2012, you can find us in the shop and also in the most important trade fairs in the sector. 15 tables always ready for each event, every month at least 1 regional tournament. Always a reference for your Hobbies, now also your GRAAD Store! Are you curious? We are waiting for you in the shop!

   CASAL DI PRINCIPE : Graded Store

Corso Umberto I, 281
81033 - CASAL DI PRINCIPE (Caserta), Italia

Phone: 0818164336


Hello, I'm Costantino and I'm waiting for you in my store where I sell graded Cards and many other sealed products of Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Digimon TCGs. Don't expect a latest fashion store, but don't worry, I compensate with competence and kindness!

   Bitritto: BC Comics and Games

Via XXIV Maggio, 2
70020 - Bitritto (Bari), Italia

Phone: 3791510365


BC Comics and Games is an independent comic shop officially opened in 2022 (the project started a few years earlier!) with the aim of representing a point of reference in the area for all fans of comics, manga, trading cards, anime, films, series TV and everything that could be the object of passion and/or collecting. We believe that Graad represents a rapidly growing reality in Italy/Europe and for this reason we are happy to be able to contribute to their expansion and affirmation, always with an eye towards enthusiasts and collectors!

   Meta: Akiba

Corso Italia, 92
80062 - Meta (Napoli), Italia

Phone: 3342794866


Welcome to the Akiba Fumetteria, where the passion linked to the ninth art has been cultivated since 2008.

In recent years, professionalism is increasingly required in the world of collecting.

If you want to be sure of the authenticity of a product, it is not enough to leave for an idea, you have to have it checked with the right means by people who work in the sector.

In pursuing this path, the collaboration with GRAAD was born.

   Bologna: Games Academy Bologna

Via Aurelio Saffi 15/a
40131 - Bologna (Bologna), Italia

Phone: 0512819702


Store specialized in selling Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, YuGiOh!, Digimon cards and many other games, gadgets, Funko Pop, mangas and comics. We are available to teach you how to play and show you demos of any game!

   Merate: Play Time Merate

Via Collegio Alessandro Manzoni, 8
23807 - Merate (Lecco), Italia

Phone: 0395969051


Playtime Merate was born from the experience and passion for the world of collecting and organized play. The owners wanted to create a space that best reconciled professionalism, familiarity; and that it was a point of reference for players and collectors of every need. From great availability; of historical single cards to the latest products, Playtime makes its TCG consultancy the pivotal point of its business. Magic: The Gathering, Pok & eacute; mon, various TCGs, Comics (Manga and Comics), Board Games, Brain Teasers and much more!

   Foligno: Games Time

Via Giuseppe Mazzini n 103
06034 - Foligno (Perugia), Italia

Phone: 0742 197 8127


A shop that mainly deals with Comics and manga, but we have a huge assortment of funko pops, action figures, Funko Pops, video games and everything related to the fantasy world. We deal with single cards also graded from Pokemon, yu-gi-oh and magic the gathering. We are a point of reference for many enthusiasts with excellent reviews. We have a space available to play, and we organize weekly Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic tournaments. We are also waiting for you in the shop to participate in our many activities that we do!

   Certaldo: Decimo Pianeta

Viale Mario Fabiani 19
50052 - Certaldo (Firenze), Italia

Phone: 0571665870


The Decimo Pianeta comic shop deals with comics and games with online and in-store sales. Our attention to new artists and new trends in the sector places us as a meeting place and exchange between enthusiasts. We organize TCG tournaments and events with authors and experts. We are present at the main local market exhibitions and all national promotional initiatives.

   Albano Laziale: XGames Albano

Via Giacomo Puccini 90
00041 - Albano Laziale (Roma), Italia

Phone: 0697847646


XGames Albano was born in 2016 and is currently a point of reference in the videogame panorama of the Castelli Romani. We deal with the sale and purchase of games and consoles (new/used), organized card games with a fully dedicated 40 m2 room, official organizers of YuGiOh!, Pokemon, Vanguard, Magic tournaments. Wide choice of Funko Pop items, action figures, table games, reservations and hardware and software assistance, we offer a wide choice of services such as digital top-ups, Wish collection point, InPost, Prontopacco

   lanciano: King Toy

via san francesco d'assisi 13
66034 - lanciano (Chieti), Italia

Phone: 3299651405


King Toy is a new reality that faces the fantastic world of collecting. We deal with collectible cards, action figures, funko pops and accessories, our intent is; to bring so many novelties; and rarity; inherent to collecting and the world of TGC. We will also try to satisfy your every request and we will be happy to share our passion with you.

   Lecce: L'Angolo del Fumetto

Via Gobetti 3
73100 - Lecce (Lecce), Italia

Phone: 3888921317


L'Angolo del Fumetto opens in 1999. Specialized in trading card games, it is the leader in the sector with a vast assortment. Official Organizer of Pokemon League, OTS Konami, WPN Wizards, TCG Bandai etc. offers maximum seriousness to grade your cards.

   Spoleto: Games Time

Via degli Operai n1
06049 - Spoleto (Perugia), Italia

Phone: 0743 675840


A shop that mainly deals with Comics and manga, but we have a huge assortment of funko pops, action figures, Funko Pops, video games and everything related to the fantasy world. We deal with single cards also graded from Pokemon, yu-gi-oh and magic the gathering. We are a point of reference for many enthusiasts with excellent reviews. We have a space available to play, and we organize weekly Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic tournaments. We are also waiting for you in the shop to participate in our many activities that we do!

   castellammare di stabia: L'edicola

Via Giuseppe Cosenza,64
80053 - castellammare di stabia (Napoli), Italia

Phone: 0818719898


Hi, my name is Santolo and I am the owner of L'Edicola.

The Newsstand was born as such in 1996, then I became passionate about card games, initially with Pokemon, then with all the others until today.

In our shop you will find sealed products of the latest expansions of the various tcg, single cards and accessories. Since 2010 we have started playing organized games and in the meantime the collecting passion has taken over. Finally today with Graad we have the opportunity to offer our customers the most effective way of preserving our favorite cards over time.


Via arrigo davila 78
00179 - Roma (Roma), Italia

Phone: 0625395025


   Aprilia: Swamp Store

Via dei Lauri 25b
4011 - Aprilia (Latina), Italia

Phone: 0689017536


Hello, we are the Swamp Store and since 2013 we are a shop active on collectible card games, board games and many gadgets. Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Super Card Game are the card games we are most passionate players and collectors of. You will also find Funko PoP, Action Figures and much more to satisfy your desire for collection!

   pesaro: Videojays

Via Passeri 54
61121 - pesaro (Pesaro e Urbino), Italia

Phone: 3282217697


Videojays is a new reality that deals with collectible cards such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh !, Force of Will and Digimon, new and used video games, retrogames, gadgets, collectibles and much more. You can test the video games in our cabinets available or participate in the various collectible card tournaments that are periodically organized. An excellent meeting point for both the nostalgic and the new ones who approach, Jason is available to create your deck and for any useful advice!

   Avigliana: Big Bang Nerd

via benedetto croce 6
10051 - Avigliana (Torino), Italia

Phone: 3497576684


Big bang nerd was born in 2019 from my and my wife's passion for everything that is anime manga cards and comics. In our shop you will not only find figures, gadgets, action figures, comics and manga but all the latest Pokémon and yu gi oh without forget single cards and Italian, English and Japanese expansions. We are resellers but first of all we are collectors and what motivates us every day is the passion for our work. Come and visit us you will not regret it ... we are waiting for you.

   Pesaro: Dungeon

Via Sabbatini 6
61121 - Pesaro (Pesaro), Italia

Phone: 3318903835


Welcome to Dungeon Pesaro where its owner Simon, for over 10 years, has been taking care of introducing new players (or old fans) to the world of collectible cards !! In the shop we find many card games (Yu-gi-oh, Magic, Digimon, Pokémon, Dragonball, Vanguard, Force Of Will), but also many role-playing game manuals, manga, comics and board games !! In the shop we also have a large room reserved for players for tournaments, friendly matches or to learn how to play both collectible cards and many table games !! We are waiting for you in the shop with a lot of sympathy and professionalism.

   Treviglio: GAMEOVER

Via Andrea Verga 2b
24047 - Treviglio (Bergamo), Italia

Phone: 3474793359


GameOver Treviglio is a recently opened physical store, located in the center of Treviglio and specialized in the sale of video games, funko pop, action figures and Pokèmon cards. It offers advantageous prices and discounts on a wide range of products, including new ones. It also has an internet site, through which to make purchases, with fast and efficient shipments and customer assistance always available. If you are a fan of video games, trading card games and nerd culture, GameOver is a must. We are waiting for you!

   Pescara: Phyrexian Plaguelord

Piazza Emilio Alessandrini
65127 - Pescara (Pescara), Italia

Phone: 085-2032953


Phyrexian Plaguelord is a shop dedicated to the world of collectible card games, board games, collectibles and in general everything related to intelligent entertainment. Here you can find Wizards of the Coast products, Konami, Funko Pop, accessories, a large and welcoming room where we organize tournaments and much more. And if you are looking for the right cards to complete your deck, come and visit us! You'll find an experienced staff, the latest news, and over two million single cards to choose from!

   Piacenza: Magicplanet

Via Leonardo Da Vinci 53/A
29122 - Piacenza (Piacenza), Italia

Phone: 3208599945


27 years of pure passion for collectible card games. Availability, reliability is the motto that has led Magicplanet to be a reference point for fans of Magic the gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and many other famous games. A large location equipped with all the services where you can meet new players and a shop with over a million singles to complete decks and collections. Whether you are a player or a collector, Michele's experience (aka Zazza) will help you to fulfill your wishes by making them a reality on paper;).

   Pianezza: Edicola Palma

via caduti per la libertà 21
10044 - Pianezza (Torino), Italia

Phone: 01119509962


Edicola Palma was founded in 2004 as a simple newsstand, over the years we have grown and specialized in various fields. For two years now the passion for card collecting has exploded ... Specifically Italian, English and Japanese Pokémon cards ... Here you will find Sealed products of various expansions, single cards in excellent condition and lots of news from Japan, we are also working on become a Pokémon League. The news does not end ... It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of Graad, bring us your best cards and we will take care of them grading and keeping them at their best over time. Come and visit us.

   Forlì: Magic Store

viale Gramsci 57
47122 - Forlì (Forlì-Cesena), Italia

Phone: 3807493641


Magic Store was born in 1999 as a shop specialized in Hobby Game. The business developed in 2001 with the opening of the online store and the start of the distribution business. Today Magic Store distributes all the main trading card games and related accessories, miniatures, board games, toys and collectibles in general. Assortment, service, customer care and support for Organized Play activities are our mission. Test us.

   Pietra Ligure: Cards Corp

17027 - Pietra Ligure (Savona), Italia

Phone: 3440625937


Shop for the best collectible card games for years who have been passionate about the industry. 

We organize regional themed tournaments and events. also operational with our online stores at European level. 

Our catalog includes over thousands of single cards including sealed products, funko pops, etc ...

   Firenze: Firenze Comics & Games

Piazza Dalmazia 2
50141 - Firenze (Firenze), Italia

Phone: 055 5321462


For nearly 10 years we have been meeting the needs of collectible card collectors from all over the world, from the most famous Pokémon, Digimon and Yu-gi-oh! to the most wanted Duel Masters, Weiss Schwarz and Final Fantasy. You will always find in our store the latest news from Japan, such as box and plush from the Pokémon Center, and from America Pop Funko exclusive and action figures. There is no shortage of gadgets, manga and board games for fans of all genres. We are present in all comics fairs and on major online sales sites such as Card Market and Card Trader.

   Pisa: Dungeon Street

Via Rigattieri 22
56127 - Pisa (Pisa), Italia

Phone: 050 6161194


Dungeon Street is a Nerd Store House, based in Pisa in Via Rigattieri 22.

Open since 2012, we are resellers of Trading Card Games such as Magic, YuGiOh !, Pokèmon, DragonBall Super CG, Final Fantasy TCG, Boardgames, Manga, Comics and Nerdy Clothing.

We are official dealers of all the main brands in the sector. We host weekly events such as YuGiOh Local! and Pokémon, MTG Modern / Commander / Pauper, and we regularly run all Prerelease / SneakPeek events of each TCG.

   Roma: Il Nascondiglio dell'Androide

via giuseppe bagnera 46
146 - Roma (Roma), Italia

Phone: 3317825543


Who's in the Hideout? A group of friends who are passionate about COLLECTING & RETROGAMING! In the Hideout you will have at your disposal consoles from the 70s onwards, Pokemon collectible cards, Yugioh!, Magic etc ... video games of all kinds, but also action figures from all over the world, Manga, Italian and American comics, new and vintage, Lego, video game magazines ... if you think of something you enjoyed in your childhood, we have it! We spend the afternoon together with a chat and a challenge to Mario Kart! ?? : D

   CREMONA: il Games di Cremona

26100 - CREMONA (CREMONA), Italia

Phone: 0372 803310


Shop specializing in the sale of Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh !, Digimon and many others, board games, gadgets, Funko Pop and Action Figures. It is the expansion of the Fumetteria di Cremona (the two ships are situations facing each other). Mattia from Games is available to teach you how to play and demo any game! The Tournament Room has just been renovated and ready to welcome you.

   Cremona: ZHouse

Via Bonomelli 81
26100 - Cremona (Cremona), Italia

Phone: 348 8895651


ZHouse is a new reality present in Cremona, born from the desire to put all our passion for the world of collecting at the service of our customers.

The goal of our store is to make the most sought-after products of the moment available to the public, both those of strong trend and those more niche (cards, action figures and accessories of various kinds).

We are a constantly expanding shop, we are waiting for you!

   Ravenna: MAGIC TIME Ravenna

Via Mentana 42
48022 - Ravenna (Ravenna), Italia

Phone: 0544 453056


MAGIC TIME has a decade of experience in collectible card games.We specialize in selling single cards of Magic, Pokemon, yugioh and many more. We also have a huge amount of over 1000 titles including table and role-playing games

   Lugo: MAGIC TIME Lugo

Via Mentana 42
48022 - Lugo (Ravenna), Italia

Phone: 0545 34060


MAGIC TIME has a decade of experience in collectible card games.

We specialize in selling single cards of Magic, Pokemon, yugioh and many more.

We also have a huge amount of over 1000 titles including table and role-playing games

   Trieste: Gamemania Trieste

Piazza dell'Ospitale 6E
34131 - Trieste (Trieste), Italia

Phone: 379 1616913


Gamemania Trieste is located in one of the symbolic squares of Trieste, surrounded by shops, bars, public health facilities and restaurants. Focal point of the city, Gamemania Trieste is a reference point for fans of video games, trading cards (Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, Digimon) and lovers of manga and anime-themed merchandise, manga, TV series and movies! Now also Graad affiliate point for grading your favorite cards. We are waiting for you at Gamemania in Trieste!

   Fucecchio: Videosound - GamePeople

Via Marchiani 25
50054 - Fucecchio (Firenze), Italia

Phone: 057121792


For over 15 years we have been the reference point for all fans of collectible card games, videogames, Funko POP, board games and much more. Here you will find a huge catalog of video games, Pokemon cards and toys of various kinds. We also have a well-stocked department dedicated to snacks and drinks from Japan, America and beyond! We are waiting for you!

   Lecco: La tana delle pulci

Viale Turati 94
23900 - Lecco (Lecco), Italia

Phone: 3792832546


La tana delle pulci, a place where you can play, exchange and collect. Toy and stationery shop specializing in: boxed games for all ages with in-store demonstrations and tests, pokemon cards, with the possibility of playing games, tournaments, exchanges, single card trading and grading service, LEGO, Funko POP , collecting and .. much more.

   Torino: Damaichi

Via Tolmino 52
10141 - Torino (Torino), Italia

Phone: 3518892822


We are Daniel and Mara, passionate about everything related to Japan, animation and collecting. We started traveling around Italy by participating in many comic fairs, it is impossible that we have not already met! In 2018 we also decided to open a store in our city, Turin. Here you will always find many figures, gadgets of your favorite anime and manga. But not only! Cardgame, such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Sealed material and loose cards for all players but also for collectors, and a section dedicated to Manga! Could a corner dedicated to food be missing? Of course not! Bubble Tea, Mochi, Pocky and much more ... We are waiting for you in this Nerd paradise!

   Feltre: Pokemon Trading ITA

32032 - Feltre (Belluno), Italia

Phone: 3498934065


Hi, I'm Cristian ferrante I started to get passionate about Pokemon since I was a child from 96, I was only 6 years old and from then on I started collecting and then in the end I opened an online site. I played pokemon card tournaments until 2019 and now I'm on the path to becoming a professor and who knows where this new adventure will lead me. I take this opportunity to greet all the people who have known me and I hope to know many more.

   Arezzo: Livello 17

Via Petrarca, 17/a
52100 - Arezzo (Arezzo), Italia

Phone: 0575 954981


Shop specializing in the sale of video games, merchandising, funko pop !, collectible cards, action figures and retrogames. We are also home to a Pokemon League and organize events and tournaments.

   Alessandria : Akiba Stop

Via Parma 31
15121 - Alessandria (Alessandria), Italia

Phone: 0131484422


Compulsory stop for all lovers of Comics, Gadgets, Board Games, Card Games, Japan Import and collectibles!

   Bastia Umbra: GameHub

Via dei Platani 2
06083 - Bastia Umbra (Perugia), Italia

Phone: 075 509 4045


GameHub - Bastia Umbra is the largest Game Room in central Italy.

Here you can find a very rich playroom with explanation service, a Pc-Lan area and Gaming Console, and a calendar always full of interesting events.

We organize tournaments of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokèmon and much more and we offer the possibility to buy and sell single cards directly in the store!

We are a young reality, created by players for players. What are you waiting for ? Come visit!

   Vasto: NERDZ

Corso Mazzini n°84
66054 - Vasto (Chieti), Italia

Phone: 3336665246


NERDZ is a young independent comic shop, specializing in Comics, Figures, Trading Card Games, Funko Pop, Gadgets, Merchandise and much more. It is a place designed to offer all enthusiasts and collectors what is not normally found on the shelves of "common" activities, but above all it aims to become a meeting place for all the Otaku and Nerd in the area, so if you are "one of us" or not, come and visit us to join our community.

   Roma: Wumpa

Viale Leonardo Da Vinci n 130
00145 - Roma (Roma), Italia

Phone: 0640066535


<p>Wumpa is a new meeting point for all collectors in the capital, here you can find collectible card games, especially Pokemon, Funko Pop with many American exclusives, Comics, Action Figures, gadgets and accessories. We are also happy to join the Graad family to be able to offer you their gradation and authentication services for your favorite cards. We are waiting for you! </p>

   Novi Ligure: Digital Replay

viale della rimembranza 68/70
15067 - Novi Ligure (Alessandria), Italia

Phone: 0143510558


Digital Replay, videogames, collectible cards, comics, IT and telephony shop, with an equipped tournament area in both Novi Ligure and Tortona locations, where you can play every day and where tournaments are held weekly even in the evening.

   Corigliano Calabro: Ongame Rossano

Via Alvaro Corrado 4
87064 - Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza), Italia

Phone: 0983500614


Passion, Competence, Courtesy, are the characteristics that distinguish us, as well as a wide range of items that you can find in our store, ranging from cards to videogames, from statues to action figures, t-shirts, lamps, mugs and much more. still. Here you will find the gift idea that's right for you. Ongamerossano di Graziano Giandomenico always alongside our customers.

   Tortona: Digital Replay

corso romita 19/21
15057 - Tortona (Alessandria), Italia

Phone: 0143510558


Digital Replay, videogames, collectible cards, comics, IT and telephony shop, with an equipped tournament area in both Novi Ligure and Tortona locations, where you can play every day and where tournaments are held weekly even in the evening.

   Mirandola: GAMESTARS

Via Agnini 37/14
41037 - Mirandola (Modena), Italia

Phone: 053526530


Open 7 days a week, present inside the Ipercoop Gallery in Mirandola, since 2015 GameStars has been a point of reference for those who love video games from all eras and the vast world of collecting. If you still don't know us, come and visit us or contact us on our Facebook page! You will discover a shop run with passion, with a great variety of products, where you can also sell your used video games and where you will always receive support for any need. Bring us your favorite cards and we will be happy to help you find the best way to protect and enhance them with the support of GRAAD.

   San Giuseppe di Cassola: Dadi e Draghi

Via Carducci 40
36022 - San Giuseppe di Cassola (Vicenza), Italia

Phone: 3383786343


Dadi e Draghi is a new Nerd shop a few steps from Bassano del Grappa, with us you can find manga, wargames, gadgets, and of course collectible cards, every weekend many events and tournaments, follow us on social networks and come and visit us in the shop !! !

   Cesena: CardsPlanet

Viale Guglielmo Oberdan n 608
47521 - Cesena (Forlì-Cesena), Italia

Phone: 3490087647


   Forlì: Games Time Forlì

Via Eugenio Bertini, 84/B
47122 - Forlì (Forlì-Cesena), Italia

Phone: 3497918764


Here at Games Time Forlì you can find: Video games, consoles, manga, comics, action figures, funko pop, merchandising, trading cards. We have an entertainment area where we organize card tournaments and also birthdays, gaming stations with consoles.

   Ponticella: Edicola Ponticella

Via Edera, 45
40068 - Ponticella (Bologna), Italia

Phone: 3453352439


Cartolibreria Ponticella newsstand is a multi-service activity where you can find various types of products, from stationery to stationery, from prints to scans, bookshops also to order, from coffee capsules to food craft products, games and an environment dedicated to the Pokemon world including packets, boxes, tins and much more. We are waiting for you !:)

   Forlì: Collezionami Shop

via Campo di Marte 198
47121 - Forlì (Forlì Cesena), Italia

Phone: 0543.60596


Collect me Shop was born in 1998 as a shop specializing in collectible card games. Since 2000 regularly online and present in the various most popular marketplaces. Today Collect Me Shop distributes all major trading card games and related accessories. Great professionalism, quick and serious customer service. Try to buy from us!

   Priverno: Game World

Via Salvo d'Acquisto, 57
04015 - Priverno (Latina), Italia

Phone: 3317383599


Game World is the new reality located in the Pontine countryside, as well as a new point of reference for all fans of Trading Cards, Action Figures, Funko Pop, Videogames and much more. Inside the shop there is the Game Zone, which is a dedicated area where you can play and try out exclusive games for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 and Xbox X. The shop also has two large rooms to host tournaments and events of trading card games like Pokémon, One Piece, Yu Gi Oh, Magic and many more! Game World is the exclusive point of reference in the Priverno and Monti Lepini area, one of the few in the whole province of Latina, where enthusiasts and collectors can find what they are looking for! Come visit! GAME WORLD WAITS FOR YOU!

   Roma: Il Castello di Mezzo

Via Prenestina, 459/D
00177 - Roma (Roma), Italia

Phone: 06 89111142


At Castello di Mezzo you will find not only the most famous collectible card games (Pokémon, Yugioh, Magic) but also board games, action figures and funko pops. Thanks to the game room, you can come with your friends to play together and pass the time playing your favorite games and why not? Even just for a chat in company (between one duel of duel monsters and another). You are always welcome, we are waiting for you!!!

   Monza: Home Board Cafè

Via Monte Bianco, 21
20900 - Monza (Monza Brianza), Italia

Phone: 3925573046


Home Board Cafè is a café open since February 2023 that serves the Triante district and aims to be more than just a place to have a coffee, have breakfast or a snack: it collaborates with some publishing houses to become a small local bookshop, it is aimed at collectors of the Pokémon world of all ages and makes its spaces available to be together between board games and role-playing games at different times of the week. We set ourselves the goal of growing by organizing editorial presentations, tournaments and days dedicated to gaming. We are waiting for you!

   Fano: Games Time Fano

Via Roma, 124C
61032 - Fano (Pesaro Urbino), Italia

Phone: 07211540212


Games Time Fano is the nerd's lair! For more than ten years, our shop has been a meeting place for fans of Videogames, Manga, Comics, Trading Cards and pop culture in general! In fact, with us you can find video games of all generations for all consoles, or both manga and American and Italian comics. And if you are a collector, many figures, funko pops and gadgets of your favorite characters await you. We also deal with all trading card products such as Pokemon, Magic or the brand new One piece! And finally you will also be able to bring your best cards to be graded. Come visit!

   Roma: 1UP

Viale Partenope, 88
00177 - Roma (Roma), Italia

Phone: 3480999550


1UP was created for lovers of the world of playful video, manga and anime. For those who are so passionate about the plot that they feel it is their own. Sale Funko Pop, Sale Statue Banpresto Abystyle Sale Pop Smile. Graad service. Games Workshop Sale. Sale of Pokemon Cards, Sale of Magic Tournaments Magic, Sale of Yu-Ghi-OH. Sale Playstation , Sale Xbox , Sale Nintendo Sale Games and Accessories Always Available.1UP is here to give an extra life to those who can't get enough.

   Senigallia: Trick Room Store

Via Fratelli Bandiera, 74
60019 - Senigallia (Ancona), Italia

Phone: 3476938272


Shop specialized in TCG, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, magic, wixoss, One piece, Battle Spirit and many others, also sale of action figures, retro consoles and many other collector's items, we organize tournaments of all kinds but come and visit us even just to play together.

   Bollate: Il Labirinto - Comics, Cards & Games

Via Don Vincenzo Donadeo, 7
20021 - Bollate (Milano), Italia

Phone: 02 4959 0862


For ten years Il Labirinto has been the reference for collectible card games in Milan and the Province: from the great classics such as Magic, YugiOh and Pokemon to new successes such as Flesh & Blood and One Piece Tcg! Thanks to our room with over 70 seats, we organize events every evening and every weekend for your entertainment! We broadcast our tournaments on Twitch to make you the real stars! We also deal with Manga, Comics, Boardgames and Funkopop! Always present on all social networks, we write our story day by day with you! What are you waiting for.. come and visit us!

   Saronno: Blockstore Saronno

Via Varese 51
21047 - Saronno (Varese), Italia

Phone: 0296193108


For over 10 years shop specializing in collectibles! You will find Videogames, Pokemon and Magic trading cards, new and used consoles. Wide selection of accessories and gift ideas, such as statues, POP funkos and gadgets! Food & Drinks! Sale of music CDs and vinyls with the possibility of ordering a large catalogue. Rental and specialized sale of Films and TV series! Mooney Point for digital refills and more!

   Torino: NeoTokyo

Corso Lombardia, 144
10149 - Torino (Torino), Italia

Phone: 3884471181


Born in 2022, Fumetteria Neotokyo wants to become a point of reference for Northern Turin. In addition to manga, comics and graphic novels, we have a nice used department that is constantly updated We are also a Pokemon League point and organize official One Piece Card Game tournaments. Here you can also find Funko, statues, Gashapon and board games. Come and visit us!

   Riccione: Rexi Comics

Viale Emilia 21b
47838 - Riccione (Rimini), Italia

Phone: 0541206493


Rexi Comix è il nuovo punto di riferimento per gli amanti dei fumetti, manga, comics, giochi di carte collezionabili, Pokemon, Magic, Funko, action figure, gioco da tavolo e carte singole dei giochi di carte più famosi! Abbiamo un'area dedicata per i giochi di carte collezionabili libera durante i giorni e per i tornei serali. Il paradiso di ogni appassionato! Punto Vendita GRAAD!

   Città di Castello: Emporio 45 Model

Via Borgo di Sotto, 3
06012 - Città di Castello (Perugia), Italia

Phone: 0758555921


Historic shop in the center of Città di Castello, specializing in collectible card games such as Pokémon, Magic, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Yu-gi-oh; vast assortment of board games and role-playing games, funko pop, action figures and modeling. Online shipping service, weekly meeting for fans of the sector. Availability of spaces for card and board games, official activities related to collectible card games. Many years of experience at the service of fans of pop culture and nerds. If possible I would like to have territorial exclusivity as we are home to a pokemon league with a weekly meeting of many players, we organize tournaments of both pokemon and other card games and we have a catchment area of many collectors interested in the gradation.

   Torino: OtherWorld

Via San Quintino 6/N
10121 - Torino (Torino), Italia

Phone: 011 415 6724


Otherworld is a comic shop, which since 2016 has been a point of reference in Turin for all fans of the sector. In addition to comics, Funko Pop!, action figures, Lego video games and katanas, you can also find a wide range of trading cards and accessories to protect and organize your collections.

    Novi ligure: Akira Fumetteria

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4
15067 - Novi ligure (Alessandria), Italia

Phone: 3516431027


Akira comic shop in Novi Ligure, specializing in the sale of manga and comics, action figures and recently also board games and trading cards of all kinds: Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and many others. To welcome you you will find the prepared and cordial pair of brothers Abigail and Giorgio, who will be able to advise you in your purchases.

   Ivrea : Jolly Troll

Via San giovanni Bosco 1/b
10015 - Ivrea (Torino), Italia

Phone: 01251960025


   Mirandola: Comics Storm Fumetteria

Via Giuseppe Verdi 20
41037 - Mirandola (Modena), Italia

Phone: 3510404367


   Marina di Carrara: Radical Trick Di Ceccarelli snc

Via Felice Cavallotti, 6
54033 - Marina di Carrara (Massa Carrara), Italia

Phone: 0585280637


   Velletri: PikaPika

Via delle Mura, 30
00049 - Velletri (Roma), Italia

Phone: 3406903663


Passion and Collecting! Welcome to the world of PikaPika Welcome to the realm of collectors, welcome to PikaPika! We are the ideal destination for all lovers of the nerd world. From playing cards to fantastic accessories, irresistible t-shirts and incredible action figures. We share your passion and are dedicated to bringing you only the best! Each piece is selected with care and attention to offer a fun and engaging shopping experience. Explore a wide range of objects, each with a story to tell and an emotion to give. From collector to collector, we understand the importance of details and are committed to offering a colorful catalogue, suitable for every taste. We are more than a shop, we are a community of enthusiasts. Are you ready to join the family?

   Salerno: Mercatino Franchising Salerno Torrione

Via Sabato Robertelli, 54
84128 - Salerno (Salerno), Italia

Phone: 0892596057


Mercatino Franchising Salerno Torrione is the Salerno reference point for lovers of preloved and collectibles: trading cards, manga, comics, action figures, watches, luxury bags and much more. In over 150 square meters of exhibition space we offer selected items that are good for you and the environment! You can take what you no longer use on consignment, make room and earn money! Come visit! Market: Eco. Logical. Easy!

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