How to participate in an internet auction with Bolaffi and buy or sell cards or stickers


Do you want to sell a collection of trading cards, or figurines (or another valuable asset)?

Bolaffi Auctions is an excellent solution. A large collection of valuable TCG – Trading Card Game cards (preferably certified with GRAAD - Grade Authority and Authentication Division) or a collection of figurines with connoisseur pieces, or an item of jewellery received a long time ago and left in a drawer, an inheritance in stamps... How to put them up for sale with the peace of mind that the precious object is being treated with the right expertise? Aste Bolaffi meets this need with professionalism, discretion and the strength of a historic Italian brand known throughout the collecting world.

With the help of a team of highly qualified experts who together have more than 250 years of experience, Aste Bolaffi organises sales of all kinds of valuable and collectible items. Moreover, it also organises auctions of TCG trading cards and figurines!

What do you have to do to sell your trading card or figurine collection?

The first step in selling at auction is to receive an estimate of the object. A service offered free of charge by Aste Bolaffi either at its offices or at the seller's home (for objects and collections that are difficult to move). To do so, simply consult the Valuations section at this link:

The value of an item changes over time. Thanks to their long experience, Aste Bolaffi is able to assign the right price to the item. Even for those of lesser value, but still with a market, they will be able to find the appropriate solution so that they are properly valued.

For collections of TCG Cards and Figurines there is always a difficulty related to the selling price of an object in unverified condition, so naturally cards or figurines that have already been certified, i.e. whose authenticity and state of preservation has been certified by entities like GRAAD, will more easily be valued and put up for auction and sold.

If the examined item has the characteristics to be included in an auction, the experts propose to the seller the most suitable time for the sale and establish the auction base, i.e. the starting price at which the lot will be sold, and below which no one will be able to buy it.

More information can be found on the how to sell at auction page , on the Aste Bolaffi website.

What are the next steps to see?

The auction house takes care of everything: from the preparation of the sale to the display of the lots, from the production of the auction catalogue – sent to a rich national and international database of clients, private individuals and dealers – to promotion on the main media channels with national and international advertising campaigns in newspapers, radio, web, social media and communication on its online platform to reach new buyers worldwide.

The auctions, which are open to the public, take place in the Turin and Milan venues and, on the occasion of special collections, also in top external locations. The pool of possible auction participants is very large thanks to the possibility of following the sale from all over the world online, by telephone (customers are in contact by phone with one of our operators present in the auction room) or by mail order (leaving a maximum bid before the auction).

At the end of the sale Aste Bolaffi sends a notification to the seller informing him of the final adjudication price of the lots offered. Sellers are paid by bank transfer after an agreed short period. The auction house always guarantees the payment of its buyers, without any risk to the seller.

You can find all the details on commissions and any relevant fees here. 

Purchase one or more lots from a collection with Aste Bolaffi.

Periodically, Aste Bolaffi schedules auctions on its

The catalogue normally includes a large number of lots and usually selected pieces, either because they are difficult to find on the market or because of the importance of the subject or the state of preservation. The auction starting prices are usually very accessible and allow any collector to participate

How to take part in an Aste Bolaffi auction

Taking part is easy! You can place your maximum bid before the auction, directly on the Aste Bolaffi website, after registering, or you can send your bid by email to after filling in the form downloadable from the website that instructs Aste Bolaffi to purchase your favourite lots, up to the maximum price indicated by you.

At the time of the auction - if a live auction is scheduled - you can either go to the physical auction site or participate in the live online auction after registering at or on the and platforms, which are used to handle bids. and platforms which are platforms used for manage offers.

From these addresses you can bid easily, with one click, to experience all the excitement of the auction and realise live if you are winning your dream lot or if another collector is about to grab it. How much will you be willing to bid to win it?

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