GRAAD Infinity Project

Protect your cards or stickers with a personalized label

Card and sticker protection with Infinity Project

The GRAAD Infinity Project service is dedicated to those who want to  protect  their  cards or stickers . It involves the encapsulation of any card or sticker, even modified, customized, altered or completely handmade, and it's available at the cost of 9,00 € / per item (a 2€ overcharge might be applied if additional suppports needed for the correct encasing of the item are needed).

With this card/sticker Protection service you can choose from the many available layouts the one that best suits the style of the item (card or sticker) you want to protect. Each layout has different backgrounds with different colors designed to adapt themselves to the color of your card/sticker.

card and sticker protection service for original creative works card protection service and personalized stickers 
Carta: Infinity Project
QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day0 same day
1--19,00 €11,25 €13,51 €15,76 €18,00 €

This service does not include the authentication or grading of the item, but is designed to simply encapsulate the card/sticker in our cases with a custom label. While entering your online order, after selecting "Infinity Project" as the Service Level, you will also be able to personalize what is going to be written on the label itself by entering the Card Name, Subtitle and Text in the appropriate dedicated fields.
With our Infinity Project you will get:

  • an ultrasound-welded cover in anti-tampering plastic polycarbonate 
  • a custom label + custom text (write it in the dedicated fields during the order)
  • la abel with layout and color of your choice

The card/sticker is subjected to a quick verification with the sole purpose of determining whether it is an explicitly customized or personalized card or whether it is a PROXY, a copy that simulates an original card/stiker. If the card is indeed a Proxy, the world "PROXY" will be printed in red on the label to warn collectors that what they see it's not an original card.

To proceed with the service   order graad protection

Send your custom cards or artistic creations

After receiving many requests for a service dedicated to non-original cards, we decided to develop our Infinity Project having in mind artists that dedicate their time to retouch, paint and customize cards to express their creative flair. If you wish to keep your original creations safe and protected, you can now encapsulate them in our protective cases with an exclusive label that you can use to name and describe your work: a perfect way to display and show your art to everyone. 

Propose your own design for your label

GRAAD has decided to give space to creativity allowing those who wish to propose a personalized layout for the label. If you want to know how to submit your own label layout, you can read more on this page:

Learn more to know how   send your layout proposal

Graphic Designer: many layouts to choose from

GRAAD has decided to give space to creatives. Each layout was designed by an artist, a graphic designer or an artistic collective. The artist is the one that comes up with the idea for the layout and, if their idea is approved, it ultimately leads to a definitive label that is published and made available to the public.
GRAAD guarantees the publication of the signature of the artist on every printed label!

Find out on the pages below the approved and published art projects!

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