GRAAD Sealed

With the GRAAD Sealed service you can certify the authenticity and quality of sealed booster packs

With GRAAD Sealed you can verify the authernticity and quality of your sealed products.

base price of 25,00€  / booster pack for the standard service (with rating)

servizio di certificazione simil psa certificazione standard graad

The Sealed Booster pack undergoes a preliminary procedure and ,afterward, enters the grading process, the item is then encased in a plastic carbonate cover along with its label certificate.
Just like the other services we offer, GRAAD Sealed meets the industry standard.

Standard Grading Prices - Booster Pack

Bustina: Standard
QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day0 same day
1-4925,00 €40,00 €50,00 €65,00 €75,00 €
50 - ∞23,00 €36,80 €46,00 €59,80 €69,00 €
To request certification of a booster pack, go to the page to fill out your order and in the section where you enter the certificate request, select "Booster Pack" in the first dropdown (object type)
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Signature Authentication

Our grading services (standard or authenticity) can be extended to signed items as well, simply marking the Signature Authentication option while adding your item to the order.

In addition to the normal certification procedure required (authenticity or standard with vote), an additional procedure will be carried out: the signature will be subjected to a calligraphic assessment which will establish its authenticity.


servizio di certificazione e autenticazione firme standard graad

Our team will do both, grading the item and authenticate the signature. In case both the item and the signature will be deemed as authentic, the label will show the grade and a special code reporting the name of the signer. 

If the signature wouldn't pass our examination process, the item will be encased with an AA grade (Altered Authentic), as explained in our preliminary verification, while sealed products that would be deemed as counterfeit will not be ancased at all and will be returned to the owner.


What we improved

Competitive prices

We offer the most competitive prices on the international market.
On top of that, to celebrate the launch of this new service, we are maintaining the prices for one year (until september 2024), without charging up for premium value items.

Learn more    services and prices


Full Art Labels

It's really important to us to offer an aesthetically appealing and organically coherent range of products, and given the success of our Full Art labels we are making these available for GRAAD Sealed as well. This way the label will match the artwork on the booster pack to give a more eye-pleasing result. 

Learn more full art labels 

We also improved

Grading Quality

We believe that transparency towards the collector  plays a major role for a grading company, without simply assigning the grade to the item without specifing its charateristics. Wich is why we decided to assign partial grades to the sealed products as we did for the cards and stickers.
This will be 8 parameters: four for the front and four for the back, each of them will be available for the customer on our website via the user's account.

Thanks to the twenty years of experience of our team, the method of calculating the vote has been improved to guarantee the collector even more objectivity through an algorithm capable of calculating the value of the various factors under examination, managing to express a rigorous and scientific final vote..


We developed a protective case that reflects the quality of the ones we use for cards and stickers and can protect any standard size booster pack, maintaining a simple and elegant design without harming its protective qualities (anti scratch, anti UV rays, shockproof and waterproof)

QR code

As a convenient alternative to the eight-digit numeric code, we introduced a practical QR-code on the back of the certificate. By scanning it with a smartphone, you get access directly to the digital certificate's page.

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