Special certificates and rebuttal reports

If you need help resolving a dispute or dispute

We can help you in your dispute

GRAAD has been consulted several times for the resolution of a controversy or a dispute. In practice GRAAD can analyze the disputed object and issue a special certificate to provide the documentation necessary for disputes and for the resolution of controversies linked to the purchase of collectible cards on marketplaces, such as e-bay, or requests from the used payment system, like Paypal 

In fact, on the various marketplaces it is possible to dispute a purchase of the collectible card category. Sometimes though the website or payment system requires some documentation that can certify the validity of the dispute before proceeding with a refund.

Special reports

The service in this case is built on the basis of your needs. Whether it is a special analysis to certify a single card in a very rapid time, or an analysis for the evaluation of a deck or booster packs, or an analysis regarding a whole lot of cards, or also for other needs that fall outside of the normal certification available in our online form, we can help you.

To obtain a special certificate write us by explaining what you need, we will verify what we can do and we will give you a cost estimate for the special analysis.

The special certificates linked to dispute procedures are for example


single cards certified in very rapid times (one or two days)

Request it if you need to make a very rapid evaluation of a card to prove that you're right in a dispute.

lots composed of several cards

If you need to certify not a single card but a whole lot consisting of many cards we can certify the lot as a unit.

booster packs, decks and boxes with no encapsulation

To prove that a booster pack, a deck or box respond or not to certain characteristics we can analyse these objects by issuing a special certificate.

certifications for counterfeits

In case you have purchased a card online and want to prove that the card is fake, request a certificate for counterfeits.

If you want a special certificate

How to start a dispute on PayPal

If you need to understand how to start a dispute for a transaction you paid with Paypal, here is this link to go to the page that explains how to proceed.

Paypal disputes


How to start a dispute on e-bay

If you don't know how to start a dispute on e-bay read this guide that explains how to proceed step by step.

e-bay resolution center


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